Birdlegg sings: "I WANT YOUR LOVE"
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Birdlegg sings: "My Babe" founded in 2016 by Kicking Eagle International & Eagle Media Group
Sharon Lia Band performss: 
"Why Can't We Pretend"
Sharon Lia is the 2019 Josie Music Awards 
"Rock Artist Of The Year"
 "This Is SHOW Business!"
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Ed Gary performs
Marty Robbins' "Mr. Shorty"
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Here Now...  performing:  "WHY CAN'T WE PRETEND" 

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Smith Sisters Bluegrass  perform
"Elvis On The Jukebox, No One Else Around"
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The Legendary Gene "Birdlegg" Pittman​
performs "Meet Me On The Corner"
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Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition
 Featured Artists perform
​One Ugly Cowoy 
performs "Hallelujah" 
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​Billy Mata And The Texas Tradition
​One Ugly Cowboy
performs  "Recipe For Love"
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Smith Sisters Bluegrass  
Visit The Radio page for "Christmas In July For April"
​One Ugly Cowboy
​Full length album released January, 2020
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Billy Mata & The Texas Tradition
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Grady Lark sings "A Different Note"
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Bringing the 'Western' back to "Country & Western"
Buck Helton Performing "Devil Woman"
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"Preserving The Past, Promoting The Present, & Assuring The Future Of Country & Related Music"

 Special Guest Star
The Legendary Jeannie Seely
New album "An American Classic"
Featuring: "Not A Dry Eye In The House"